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Heidi Klum looking hot in a stripy mini dress.

Hatty Keane in a mini dress.

Halsey in a very skimpy outfit.

Greer Grammer in a sexy blue mini dress.

Vanessa Ruiz in sexy heels and black leather mini skirt.

Saxon Sharbino in a mini dress and heels.

Beautiful Laila Ali in a mini dress and heels.

Rachel Platten in a baggy white mini dress.

Pascale Hutton looking spectacular in a little black dress.

Nora Jane Noone in a little black dress.

Natalie Gal looking pretty in a mini dress.

Maren Morris in a low cut mini dress.

Manika Ward looking super cute in blue shorts.

Jasmine Sanders in a very short dress.

Krystal Boyd looking hot in a mini dress.